Sunday, 6 January 2013


Secret Message Locket from HeartworksbyLori on Etsy

Pssst! I have a secret to share with you....

We are moving!

If you've been stopping by this blog then thank you for taking an interest and for watching me learn my way round blogging in the last 8 months, especially if you came via that reindeer banner post via Folksy. We really felt the love that week.  But the journey is only just beginning!

You may remember a while back that I shared with you the story of our fairtrade bag label 'Martha Evatt' - read all about that here and here - and when I started blogging as a release from taking care of those little boys last May, I just carried on with the same name that I'd always used .

But times have changed so much and that's why we've decided to re-name this blog to bring it up to date with our life right now - which is based mainly around two small boys. You know them, I mention them often. 

So as of the end of this week you'll find us at a new location but of course with all the same insights into the best craft projects, design for kids and bits of life that inspire us. You're also going to see increasing new items coming in our Etsy shop (also changing location) with a focus on some really cool toys and artwork for small people. 

Thanks so much again for reading.

Find the new site at

See you there!